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Workshops & Fieldtrips


AESC 2010 is developing a number of unique fieldtrips. These have been chosen to give participants an opportunity to:

  • discover geological features in areas they may not have visited before
  • discuss aspects of geology with specialists in their field
  • further their knowledge in their own field in a new area
  • feel, smell and touch some actual rocks
  • enjoy local hospitality and spend some quality time with likeminded and interesting people

These  fieldtrips will be offered before, during and after the convention and whilst they are still being fine-tuned we guarantee that they will be excellent trips combining an in-depth study of the geology with other interesting aspects of the areas visited; including great food and wine – all related to the local geology, of course!

In order to minimise costs, most travel will be by mini-bus or coaster bus and accommodation will be in budget motels or cabins. All trips will be subject to a minimum number of participants; for this reason we would appreciate an early expression of interest.

Latest update: If you are considering participating in a pre- or post-conference field trip but have not signed up yet, please read this:
PARLIAMENT HOUSE – PLEASE NOTE: Everybody planning to join the ‘underground adventure’ to see the unconformity is required to undergo a security check before the excursion takes place.
Read more and other field trip news Click here.

Pre-Convention fieldtrips

A RARE Opportunity
UNDER Parliament House - Bedrock of Australian Democracy
Leaders: Doug Finlayson and others TBA
Duration: Approximately 3 hours per session
Cost: $ 20.00
Date: Sunday, 4 July 2010 – 3 Sessions: 9.00am, 9.30am and 1.00pm.
An excursion to the heritage listed unconformity UNDER Canberra’s Parliament House, famously discovered by a young Prof. A.A. Opik during an equally famous quarry party in the early 1950’s! This unconformity explains a very significant aspect of Canberra’s geological history. This will be followed by a guided inspection of the many beautiful construction stones, themselves a tribute to geology, and an inspection of the heritage listed State Circle Unconformity. Canberra’s New Parliament House may house the Nation’s leaders but few of them would be aware of the building’s geological significance.  During this excursion you will be able to descend into the bowels of the building to inspect this site that has been preserved for posterity. Not usually accessible to the general public, Doug has managed to secure access for this occasion.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Parliament House requires the names of all participants a minimum of 2 weeks before the tour for security screening purposes. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

Southern NSW Coastal Region
Unfortunalely, this field trip is not proceeding. Please review the other field trips, we hope you find something enjoyable and stimulating. Thank you.

Middle Palaeozoic Basin Evolution and Volcanism, Southern Highlands, NSW
Unfortunalely, this field trip is not proceeding. Please review the other field trips, we hope you find something enjoyable and stimulating. Thank you.

Post-Convention fieldtrips

Lake George Geology and Geomorphology
Leader: Professor Patrick De Deckker
Date: Friday 9 July 2010
Duration: 2/3 day
Cost: estimate $85
Departs: National Convention Centre at 08:30am, Friday 9 July
Lake George, its fault scarp and its geological history make for an interesting trip. Even without the mysterious stories told in local folklore, the lake has a fascinating geological past! A great deal of work has been done to work out its geological history. In addition, its shores are home to some of the Canberra region’s best wines! A day of geology, wine tasting and winery lunch.

Wee Jasper Palaeontology
Leader: Dr Gavin Young
Date: Saturday, 10th July 2010
Duration: 1 day
Cost: $190
Departs: from the National Convention Centre at 08:15am, Saturday 10 July
Travel: 4x4 vehicles
The Wee Jasper valley is a must see destination for anyone with an interest in palaeontology. Inspect a 4-5 km section of stratigraphy (Kirawin/Sugarloaf to Hatchery Creek via limestones) from the oldest terrestrial arthropods from Gondwana, the world’s oldest sharks, thru the rise and demise of a coral reef housing the world’s first tropical reef fish assemblage, then (subject to the weather and road conditions) visit some sites in the Hatchery Creek Formation known for containing the oldest roots and the oldest leaves.
Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea and local wine.

Central West NSW
Unfortunalely, this field trip is not proceeding. Please review the other field trips, we hope you find something enjoyable and stimulating. Thank you.


Details of convention workshops will be posted shortly. Click here to register your interest in the AESC2010 and its workshops.

Title: Quality Assurance in Analytical Geochemistry
Time: 10am – 4pm
Date: Friday 9 July
Location: Geoscience Australia
Fee: $65 for IAG and GSA members, $100 for non-members. Fee includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch.
For more information Click here.

Title: Sampling rocks and preparing minerals for high-quality isotopic geochronology
Time: 8am – 4pm
Date: Friday 9 July
Location: Mini-bus pickup in central Canberra
Fee: $20 and free for students.
For more information Click here.

Title: 3D Mineral Spectroscopy of the Earth's Skin - 1st National Virtual Core Library Symposium
Jon Huntington, CSIRO and AuScope
Date: Thursday, 8 July and Friday 9 July
Location: Thursday: National Convention Centre, Friday TBA
NVCL Symposium Keynotes:
Dr Robert O. Green:
HyspIRI Mission Co-Lead, Moon Mineralogy Mapper Instrument Scientist, AVIRIS Experiment Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 306-431, 4800 Oak Grove Dr, Pasadena, CA 91109.
Dr Steve Ruff: Research Associate, Mars Space Flight Facility,
School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-6305.
Dr Roger N. Clark: U. S. Geological Survey. MS 964, Box 25046 Federal Center, Denver, Colorado USA 80225.
Phil Harris: GSI Consulting, Anglo American Corporation retired,
Johannesburg, South Africa.
For more information Click here.
Preliminary Program Click here.

3D Mineral Spectroscopy of the Earth's Skin
The 1st National Virtual Core Library Symposium Abstracts Revised

Download here

Title: Geoheritage, Geotourism and the Geoscience Professions
Date: Tuesday, 6 July
Time: 13.40-17.10 (revised time)
Location: National Convention Centre
For more information (REVISED 2 JULY) Click here.
To Register Click here.